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Dholera planned with healthy community where relevant community amenities can be easily accessed during medical emergency situations or active/passive recreational facilities are easily accessible or preserving views to open green space framework, were influences in determining the type and location of facilities to maximize their benefits to the inhabitants.For instance location of hospital at a central location within Activation Area and along primary corridors for easy access during emergency

situation or creating neighbourhood centers within walking distance by clustering community amenities with open green spaces or maximize views to open green spaces and natural areas. Provide facilities for early child development, primary/secondary education, higher education and professional training to cater to the learning and skill development of the inhabitants. Ensure that such facilities are conveniently located emphasizing safety, walkability and transit connectivity.


The open green space framework were influences the planning of community amenities in terms of determining
the type of community amenity that will benefit the future inhabitants within Dholera as well as existing population residing in adjoining areas or maximize developable land with views to open green spaces with walkable approch and convinient access. Provide parks and open green spaces, sports facilities, cultural and entertainment facilities that cater to the recreational needs of the inhabitants
ensuring that the spatial distribution takes into account area requirements, safe access and convenient walking distance to each.


Provision has been made for arts education, arts facilities and public art to create a vibrant Smart City that
emphasizes a balance between culture, art and education. Utilize public art as a medium to create awareness, educate people and celebrate Dholera as a culture and arts hub for the region. the Planning also ensuring that the social infrastructure and open green spaces are utilized to spread awareness amongst inhabitants in terms of sustainable future and civic sense for a cleaner city and
greener city. Integrate tools such as public art or street furniture etc. with open green space and social infrastructure framework to spread awareness about sustainable and liveable Dholera.


There is a paradigm shift in the manner in which cities are being planned and designed: the problems our existing cities face in terms of safety, traffic congestion, lack of open green spaces or social/cultural facilities directly informs what all we need to address or incorporate in our future cities. Research has consistently shown that cities where people walk more and drive less are healthier cities, the automobile is losing out to the transit and pedestrians, and people (resident, visitors and workers) are the main focus of city-building. tracks; and creating a city that integrates arts,

culture, and education for socio-economic growth of its inhabitants. In Dholera planning, the distribution of open green spaces and social infrastructure builds upon the core strategy of creating a city for the people. Based upon this strategy, the guiding principle of Live-Work-Play was adopted. The guiding principle emphasize creating a People Centric City; creating a Smart City with smart social and physical infrastructure with more pedestrians and cycle tracks; and creating a city that integrates arts, culture, and education for socio-economic growth of its inhabitants.

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